Day 4 of the Occupation

Today was day four of the occupation of Tuck-it-Away Storage at 655 West 125th Street. With the help of the state, Columbia University is using eminent domain to destroy this business and building, replacing it with more Columbia buildings wherein the institution will continue to serve private interests – the interests of the 1% – rather than the public good.

Quite contrarily, Columbia University is serving the public a heaping helping of bad: as millions across the country are evicted from their homes, Columbia joins the world’s corporate and financial institutions through displacing 500 people primarily and 5,000 people secondarily, as you can see from the highly-informative sign above.

This photograph is from today’s passionate march around town and campus. We were spreading the word about the occupation (pun intended). We are looking forward to the community and resistance that will come from this new space at 655 W 125th, where West Harlem residents and students are already meeting and working together to fight Columbia’s expansion with new energy.

Want to know what else the fliers in our hands say?
They say:

Sarah Martin, president of Grant Houses
CU Professor Mindy Fullilove
Ramon Diaz, owner of Floridita
Tom De Mott, Coalition to Preserve Community
Luis Tejada, Director of Mirabal Sisters Community Center
St Mary's Reverend Earl Kooperkamp
Layan Fuleihan, Columbia Student
President Bollinger invited
Facebook Event


The Open Forum is tomorrow and we are very excited.
My fellow students: this is a fantastic opportunity to learn about what’s really happening regarding the expansion of the institution to which we devote our dollars and our daily lives.

We also now have an announcements google group!

Hope you’ll join us soon.


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