Nightly Meeting notes: Saturday March 24, 2012 9:00 PM

Agenda (not followed in this order, just discussion topics)

    Logistics for tonight
    Assess what we did today
    What happens after Monday?


    Had a march at 2:30
    Fliered on campus, with drums etc
    Paid respsects at demolition site
    Marched to 3333 Broadway
    St. mary’s community came and recited Fredrick Douglas poem
    connected with a lot of new people
    this is slow but we are starting to make a presence
    we should be more self critical because we are not very visible, and we need to do face to face outreach
    how do we handle tactically and ideologically with wall street?
    What were the student’s reactions?

  • pretty good but hard to get people out of comfort zone.
  • Proposal: have an informational flyer with ways people can show support
  • Proposal: use the lawn outside of math to do some sort of follow up after the forum
  • A speak out?
  • Guerrilla theater

do a news show at wkcr

    What did we learn from outreach to the community?

  • From tenants organization: gentrification is going to leave all the housing projects marooned and ready for takeover.

TONIGHT: RAIN: all night work-in!!

TOMORROW: outreach for the forum.

3 PM meet at occupation and march to campus, bring printed flyers and music making tools!

Some notes on a long unstructured conversation: what it means to occupy, what is community, which community, etc.  Articulated a difference between this occupation and others, general sentiment that primary goal is listening to and supporting the community: community consists of the people who interact with the space threatened by columbia’s plans. We are not taking over the building, we need to respect the space.


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